My Classroom

After graduating from the University of Kansas in 2014 with my preK-12 music education degree, I began teaching music in northeast Kansas. Most teachers in my area teach at two schools due to our rotation schedule and class sizes – I see my students at both my schools for 45 minutes every three days and only 30 minutes on Wednesdays (we have weekly collaboration at the end of all Wednesdays).

My Kodaly-inspired classroom is a lucky classroom – our district was very Orff-focused a few years back and outfitted the schools with lots of instruments, so we are very blessed to have such wonderful and plentiful resources. My district is also a proponent of “blended learning” – personalized, self-paced learning where students integrate technology to supplement their learning – and my classroom is outfitted with 5 iPads, 5 Macbook minis, and 2 Mac “TV” stations. We also subscribe to QuaverMusic for our curriculum resources. All of these materials give me a wide variety of approaches and methods to shape my students’ learning.